“I was somewhat of a natural medicine amateur before beginning my experience with Raz, but I’m fully converted now. My intake was warm and pleasant, and they made sure to figure out my specific needs and hopes for addressing my issues, and once the tinctures started arriving I was stunned by their effectiveness. As the months have gone by they have carefully adjusted my formulas based on my personal reactions and evolving needs, and this true give-and-take between provider and client made the whole experience a deeply positive one both emotionally and physically. For anyone else unsure if a natural medicine regimen is for them, I can’t think of a better place to start than with Raz.”

– Jeff R. from New York, NY

“Working with Raz has been great! I was a little nervous when I first spoke with them (as I always am when discussing body and/or brain functions with new people), but they immediately made me feel welcome and safe. They have addressed my exact questions and concerns, and they have always given me the choice to move the treatment in the direction I choose. They have also been great about scheduling appointments at a time that works for me, which is something I very much appreciate given that we live in different time zones. They are the first healthcare provider I’ve worked with who actually listens to the issues I’m having and works with me to solve them. On top of that, the medicine they make is effective, and it’s been easy to integrate my treatment into my daily life. I would definitely recommend their treatment!”

– Katie H. from Chicago, IL

“Raz’s support has been key to my wellness. They let me lead the process and act as the best accomplice-advisor ever! They are knowledgeable, empathetic, and flexible. With Raz, I feel that my experiences are treated with deep respect, as well as lightness and humor. I trust them with my questions and I never feel rushed. They work with me to create medicines that fit my life. Since we started working together, I have been better able to address my health struggles in clear, effective, supported ways.”

– Hannah H. from Oakland, CA

“I have been a client of Power Plants Herbals for almost a year now. My health has improved substantially through the use of Raz’s formula designed specifically to heal my issues. I have been suffering from autoimmune gastritis, gluten sensitivity, joint and muscle issues, circulation, anxiety… I could go on from here! Raz’s formulas have addressed and healed these issues. My health, energy, and wellness is much stronger than ever before. I am 60 years old and on some days, can outlast my children and grandchildren!! Raz’s support, encouragement, and counseling provided the foundation for my healing to be successful.”

– Tara C. from Walpole, MA