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The ANTIVIRAL formula is being continually adjusted to optimize efficacy, reflecting emerging research on the COVID-19 virus’s mechanisms of action and effects on the human body. Ingredients listed on the website may not reflect these updated formulas. If you have an allergy to any herbs or take a medication that has common contraindications, contact us to inquire if any new additions may not be appropriate for your usage.

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Power Plants Herbals Products


Antiviral Formula
Immune System Update

Herbs to the rescue for when you “go viral.” Force quit your flu or outbreak. Shut down chronic infection.*
2 fl oz. $22

Chest Decongestant
Expectorate the Unexpected

You’ve been sick long enough. Cough it up! Helps thin and loosen mucus to open airways.*
2 fl oz. $22

Cold and Flu 
Natural Born Killer

Immune boosters and lymph movers hunt down pathogens and kick 'em to the curb.*
2 fl oz. $22

Stress Buster Keeps Your Cool
Takes the edge off for a clearheaded calm. A quick fix in moments of panic, or a daily dose to ward off worries.*
2 fl oz. $22

Gut Heal
Rebuilds the Walls
Strengthens and protects gut lining while helping to balance intestinal microflora.*
2 fl oz. $22

Joint & Connective Tissue

Ends Pain's Regin Gives the body the tools to rebuild musculoskeletal structure, helps reduce inflammation and promotes circulation to areas in need of regeneration.*
2 fl oz. $22

Immunity Guard
Wields your Shield

Your daily knight in shining armor. A preventative formula to enhance the body’s natural defenses against colds and flus.*
4 fl oz. $34

Harmonic Adrenal Tonic
Foundation for Stress Adaptation

Balances and optimizes hormonal function. Fortifying herbs help the body and mind adapt to stress.*
4 fl oz. $34

Heavy Metal Detox
Rocks Out and Cleans House
Finds and binds to unwanted metals in the body, supporting the body's natural cleansing process.*
4 fl oz. $34

Chronic Allergy Relief
Tis the Season
Pollen, pets, mold, dust-- what's your trigger? Help your immune system work smarter, not harder.* 4 fl oz. $34

Memory and Attention
Ignition for Cognition

Supports nervous system functioning for improved focus and clarity.* 
4 fl oz. $34

General Detox Wastes Away

Cleans house by aiding the body's own filtration system. Supports organs of elimination to help move waste out and nutrients in.* 4 fl oz. $34


Muscle & Joint Salve
Breaks the Aches

Pain relief for tightness, stiffness, spasm, and swelling. Acute injury or chronic inflammation, this formula has you covered.*
2 oz. $18

Skin Nutrition Salve
Replenishes the Skin

Feed your skin a balanced diet of the oils, vitamins, and
minerals it craves. Dry skin, scars, and scales will eat it up!*
2 oz. $18


Raw Mineral Vinegar
Serves Up Minerals

A healthy cocktail of the trace minerals your body needs, and the vinegar to help digest them.
Drink it straight, mix into juice, or use it for cooking and baking.* 8 fl. oz. $24


*These products are not intended to treat or prevent any disease. Statements about this product or its contents have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.