Raz Edwards (personal gender pronouns they/them) uses medicinal foods and plants to bring clients’ bodies and minds into balance. They employ allopathic and alternative diagnostic techniques, and explain to clients exactly what they see as their bodies’ strengths and weaknesses. Raz believes that a person can know more about their own body than anyone else can (including healthcare practitioners), so they work closely with clients to co-create their treatment plans.

Treatment usually takes place over several months. Generally, clients meet with Raz on a monthly basis. After each session, clients are given herbal medicine that is custom formulated to address their evolving individual health needs.

Herbs usually come in the form of high-quality teas or tincture from Raz’s personal apothecary of over 400 herbal extracts. Raz uses plants from all over the world, all of which are sustainably sourced and either wild-harvested or organically grown. Extraction solutions are always organic, vegan, gluten-free, and free of any artificial preservatives or additives.

A large part of Raz’s practice is ensuring that herbal medicine is affordable and available to as many people as possible. Intake sessions cost between $75 - $125 on a sliding scale based on self-determined ability to pay. Follow up sessions are on a sliding scale of $50 - $100. Skilled work trades are also available at times. Herbal supplements are provided to clients at only the cost of production.

Raz’s office is in the Ridgewood neighborhood of Queens, NY. For those living locally, Raz loves working with clients in person. Raz also maintains a clientele situated all around the country, largely using telephone and videochat to communicate. Medicine comes to clients via postal mail.

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